Day Dreaming

Well, there I was, sat in the garden, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly I found myself looking into the distance, not focusing on anything in particular. My mind was wandering, pictures formed from out of nowhere. Yes, I’m a day dreamer. Always have been. All the things I have never done in reality I have done with relish in these moments of distraction.

I wouldn’t mind but I’ve lived quite an adventurous life so far. I’ve been to quite a few countries, met some very interesting people…and a few not so interesting, if truth be told! Yet for some reason my inner being craves for more. Perhaps I should keep a record of these day dreams. Maybe there is a story to be told, a story so fantastic that it will be an instant best seller and I would appear on talk shows all over the world…..

…….Ooopsss, sorry about that, it seems I was distracted for a moment!


Royal Birkdale

Hello! I would like to tell you a little about Royal Birkdale, a world famous championship golf course near Southport. Although I have never had the privilege to play this great course, I have, over the years, watched a few enthralling Opens there. Not least the amazing championship of 2008 when Padraig Harrinton was victorious. More recently 2010 when the ladies had their Open there, won by the wonderfully gifted Yani Tseng.

Birkdale is an amazing course, a true challenge to even the greatest of golfers. At 6,817 yards, this par 72 has everything. Wide fairways, deep pot bunkers, a brook running through the course, not to forget the Lancashire weather! Not for the feint hearted!

The Club House, Birkdale.


I hope one day to play this course. In saying that, I have a current handicap of 14 so feel my game is a little inadequate to cope with the demands of this beautiful course. Should any of you keen golfers find yourself near to Southport, be sure to give Royal Birkdale a visit.


It’s All New To Me

Well, here we go…………

This may sound obvious to you, because this is my first attempt at a blog, but like it says in the header, It’s All New To Me! I hope to write some interesting content so that any passer by may pause for a while and read what I write. Time will tell!

I have lived inTaiwan in the past and thought perhaps I could write a little about my experiences there. Alongside my travels around Europe. Although, that said, I don’t intend to write a travel blog. More of a general blog with mixed content.

Wish me luck!