The Meadow

The meadow resplendent in summertime,

flowers blossom colours of the rainbow.

The busy bee humming a merry song,

gathering his harvest fit for a queen.

Butterflies float like kites on the breeze,

invisible string guiding them from flower to flower.

Birdsong fills the air,

long-grass sways as if dancing in delight.

A ladybird in a red dress with black buttons,

walks along the stem of a honeysuckle,

looking innocent but searching for her prey.

A sudden gust of wind,

and dandelion seeds fill the air

as if snow is falling in our summer meadow.

A frogs rich tenor voice croaks rhythmically,

conspicuous in the undergrowth.

Two lovers stroll hand in hand,

her cheeks flushed, his eyes transfixed.

He picks her up and spins her around,

life is bliss in natures garden.

(c) Mark Casey

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