I suppose I’d better wish myself a Happy Birthday. Each passing year seems to speed by more quickly than the previous one. Days, weeks and months become blurred, a mish-mash of memories and events, not all together forgotten, but somehow diminished with the passing of time.

Oddly I can clearly remember those birthday’s I had when I was a kid. The excitement, the cards, the occasional present and the special tea mum would make me. Badges (pins) declaring how old I was, 7 then 8 then 9 and so on. How did those days slip away so quickly? That excitable little boy gone forever.

We didn’t have a camera back then, so there is no record of those happy days, no reminder of a moment frozen in time for me to share with the world. So the pictures I recall in my mind. Those people who are no longer around to wish me a Happy Birthday are sadly missed, yet forever smiling in those memories of yesteryear.

Still, time will march on relentless. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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