Vanity: Some People Need To Take A Good Long Look At Themselves

What is it with people? Well, certain people at least. They claim to be on your level. They claim to be open and honest. They claim  to be you friend.

YET…..They are anything but. Why? Because all the time you have known them or been acquainted with them, they have been having you on. All the time you invested in them is totally wasted. Why? Because they are in LOVE with themselves! Consumed with VANITY!  Self opinionated. Full of themselves. ‘Hey, I’m the bees knees!’ ‘I way too smart to hang with you’ ‘Hey dude, you don’t belong with the likes of me!’ You get the picture?

People like that get on my nerves. Sadly I have recently become aware of such an individual. I really believed they were a genuine, understanding and honest person. I was greatly mistaken. I must admit I was taken aback by their attitude. Their sudden lack of interest and interaction. Then it dawned on me. VANITY!  I was no longer deemed good enough.

Take a good hard look in the mirror. The person staring back at you is shameless. An empty vessel. Doomed to wonder through life in isolation and loneliness.

Your loss, not mine.

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