A Poem For All Those Folk Who Feel Depressed/Oppressed/Bullied/Lonely

You judge me though you don’t really know me at all
You bully & belittle & make me feel small
Your words can be destructive you don’t realise their power
You are killing me slowly with every passing hour

I don’t need you to hurt me, so please let me be
I am human & I’m broken & I want to be set free
You can chain me & bind me & throw away the key
Yet somehow I will find the strength deep within me


Where Am I Going?

So, I have been thinking long and hard about where my life is headed. In other words ‘Where Am I Going?’ Five years ago I thought that by now (2014) I would be living the remainder of my life in Taiwan. Why Taiwan? Because it is a place I have visited many time previously. I have made some wonderful life-long friends, I like the culture, adore the people and the Island itself.

Then things became a little more complex. My father has been in failing health for a number of years. I have concerns that should be living abroad when he passes, I would forever have foregone the chance to say a final goodbye.

To some that may sound like an excuse. That I am not fully committed to living in a far away foreign land. There may be a small (if insignificant) grain of truth in that statement. Why? Because the UK holds no future for me. I don’t like where the UK is headed. I don’t like the constant lies of the politicians who seek to serve only themselves and their paymasters.

So, where am I going? I’ll tell you. TAIWAN!