Where Am I Going?

So, I have been thinking long and hard about where my life is headed. In other words ‘Where Am I Going?’ Five years ago I thought that by now (2014) I would be living the remainder of my life in Taiwan. Why Taiwan? Because it is a place I have visited many time previously. I have made some wonderful life-long friends, I like the culture, adore the people and the Island itself.

Then things became a little more complex. My father has been in failing health for a number of years. I have concerns that should be living abroad when he passes, I would forever have foregone the chance to say a final goodbye.

To some that may sound like an excuse. That I am not fully committed to living in a far away foreign land. There may be a small (if insignificant) grain of truth in that statement. Why? Because the UK holds no future for me. I don’t like where the UK is headed. I don’t like the constant lies of the politicians who seek to serve only themselves and their paymasters.

So, where am I going? I’ll tell you. TAIWAN!

Sensational Sitou

Continuing my theme of sites in Taiwan, I am going to let you into a well-kept secret. Sitou! I kid you not, Sitou is one of the finest National Parks I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Situated in Nantou county, away from the hum drum of everyday life, Sitou is a sanctuary, a place of peace and being one with nature.

There are many species of trees to marvel at. With hiking paths winding through the park allowing you to stroll at your own pace, taking in the wonderful scenery, breathing the clean fresh air, and allowing you body to recharge its batteries.

The area is situated at an altitude of 1,150 metres. There are some lovely scenic views of Taiwan’s mountains. Popular with Taiwanese tourists, it’s not so often foreign travellers visit this area. So please, if you visit Taiwan, please, please, make a date with Sitou. You will thank me for letting you know about this hidden gem.


Shilin Night Market

Hello again. I thought I would write a little about my experiences in Taiwan. Today I will concentrate on one of my favourite place in Taipei..Shilin Night Market. It’s just an amazing place to visit. The hustle and bustle of the people milling around the area, the vast variety of market stalls and the smell of the food make it a must place to go.

Here is a video from YouTube. I didn’t film this. I linked it because it gives you a good idea and feel for Shilin Night Market.


It is easily accessible by public transport. Just hop aboard the MRT and head to Jiantan Station. Once there take in the sights and sounds, sample and enjoy food sold by the many vendors. It’s a great way to spend and evening, or just to visit after you have been to the cinema or theatres near by.

So, if you find yourself in Taipei, and feel like you want to be entertained, head out to Shilin, you won’t regret it.